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"Imagination comes before invention." Below are some businesses that I've launched to fix the problems of the world that I've encountered. 


"A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer." 


Launching a product or service from inception to completion is a goal I believe everyone should achieve in their lifetime. I have learned so much about business, logistics, and market forces than I could have ever learned in a textbook. As an entrepreuner, you truly are involved in the entire 360 degrees of the business process.


Because of my experiences, I feel I am very equipped to be successful at any leadership role at any company, regardless of product or service.


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Type: Online Service

Role: Founder, President


In 2005 while I was attending the University of Florida, I was growing tired of showing up to class only to discover class had been cancelled. I was notified by e-mail, but in the days before mobile internet, you weren't able to check e-mail on the way to class. I thought to myself "they should text me then." But I realized texting was expensive. (Again, this was 2005).


Stumped, I dug around on the internet, and I discovered some code in the networks that allowed a user to send an email to a phone for free! I created and incorporated addtional features such as a rolodex and the world's first mobile phone whitepages, and then hired a development team. And with that, Mobile411 was born!


Type: IT Support

Role: Founder, Owner


I've always enjoyed working on computers. From the days as an 8 year old playing around on my father's 80286 Packard Bell, to today's modern PCs, laptops, tablets, and phones, I've just had a natural aptitude towards computers and peripherals.  


In fact, during college, my friends would bring me their slow-running laptops to let me "do my magic" and make it work fast again. I didn't mind; it was fun!


After college, I realized I could leverage my skills to make money, and hence, GuruTech was born! Via GuruTech, I would make an on-site visit and fix any problem the computer presented. 


Type: Retail & Accessories

Role: Co-Founder, President


"What's Your Status?" 

That's the mantra of was born out of the fact that one was not able to immediately identify the relationship status of a potential mate at first glance. As a result, many who wanted to approach a mate were too afraid to out of fear of rejection. "I'm sorry, I have a boyfriend!" is the usual response. Ugh.


So I went ahead and designed relationship status bracelets that indicate your relationship status to potential mates all around you. This makes it easier to meet and connect with potential mates!

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