I love to act! Whether comedy or drama, professionally or for fun, crafting a character and delivering a performance is an absolute thrill!











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"Acting is behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances."


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Director: Ryan Justice

Type: Feature Film

Character: Nick (Lead)


"A social media celebrity couple's camping trip becomes a nightmare when two documentary filmmakers use their social media information to track them down and kill them."


I am thrilled to announce that Followers has earned theatrical distribution in the United States and VOD distribution on the top streaming platforms in the world! Followers opens in theaters on March 23, 2018! 


Director: Nishant Gogna

Type: Short Film - Action/Comedy

Character: Motoo (Lead)


"Mohit is 3 days away from marrying the love of his life, Sonia. But an evil group of henchmen, known as the Butter Chicken Bandits (BCB), led by Motoo, a maniac with an insatiable lust for butter chicken, stands in his way..."


I produced and directed this video as a comedic cinematic prequel to my cousin's wedding! Based off the character of Gabbar Singh (Sholay), this video was screened at the reception!


Director: Evan Zissimopulos

Type: Short Film - Drama

Character: Lord Bastiann (Supporting)


"Marcellus is given the chance to be human once again. But to do so, he must bring down the Travelling Sideshow, a circus of sin of which he was once a part of."


I had a blast playing Lord Bastiann in this fantasy thriller directed by the great Evan Z. The production design, directing, and editing in this flick really has that 'wow' factor, and I'm very proud to be a part of this production.


Director: Aasem Alhajhussein

Type: Short Film - Drama

Character: Parker (Lead)


"With his very life hanging in the balance, Parker risks it all to reveal the truth. Can he trust his family or friends in this lightning fast thriller? Who will pay the ultimate price to keep the secret?" 


This was a fast-paced short film that received Official Selection at Gasperilla International Film Festival! I really enjoyed playing the role of Parker and diving into the mindset that my life was on the line. It was a thrill-ride!


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