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Here are samples of videos that I have either directed, written, shot, or produced.











(424) 253-5003


No worries! You can mosey along to my YouTube page and see all of my work!


I am a self-taught filmmaker, and have familiarized myself with this craft through an immense amount of reading, a great network of filmmaker friends, and experience!


I'm also available for hire! Need help on your set? Shoot me an e-mail and we'll discuss how I can leverage my skills and talents for your production. I'm reasonable! I'm available with enough notice and am willing to travel anywhere in the world.


Type: Short Film

Role: Co-Director, Producer, Editor


This award-winning short film was produced as part of Campus MovieFest.


This story follows the journey of a man who constantly struggles with adversity throughout his life, and whose experiences ultimately culminate into a life-defining choice. 


This movie did incredibly well at the national level. It also screened at Gasperilla International Film Festival, and Cannes Film Festival!


Type: Music Video

Role: Director, Producer, Editor


I had the wonderful opportunity to produce and direct a music video for up-and-coming hip-hop artist Genolexis. A club anthem and dedication to the beverage, Jagermeister, we even received corporate sponsorship from its headquarters, who loved the song and used this music video in their marketing portfolio!

I also make a cameo in it too! :-)

FLOW ARTS (feat. @Fight_Flow)

Type: Performance Video

Role: Director, Editor


Jake Guinn (@Fight_Flow) is a master poi flow artist. I had the incredible opportunity to direct and edit this promotional video for Jake! Since this video, Jake has gone on to perform stunts for Marvel and Disney full-time!

Shot and edited in 24 hours!


Type: Interactive Music Video

Role: Director, Producer, Writer, Editor


This award-winning interactive music video was created for the TriBeCa Film Festival and for! You can decide how the story progresses by selecting your video of choice within the associated playlist!

There are four different endings, some happy, some sad, so choose wisely! 


This is my Director Reel! It includes various clips from my work, including music videos, short films, documentaries, and commercials!

Interested in seeing more? Check out all of my videos on my YouTube channel!

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